I'm a mixed media artist based in NYC and LIC, Queens and have been creating art for many years. I fell in love with wheatpasting as it is an immediate way for me to convey messages of hope and love not only to myself and but to others.  Art is more important than ever (2020).


Pasting is a powerful medium to share ideas, feelings, resilience and strength.   I am honored to share my work publicly at this time so I may make someone smile, feel something or even move someone to think just a little more in positive ways.

The world pretty intense these day so I have a overflow of content.  The current works shown here are a combination of silkscreen, acrylic, ink and spray paint created on newsprint from NYC papers.  Some are in public places, and some are available for purchase.(please note that some works may change color over time due to the newspaper material).


One of the main characters in my work is a self portrait from a photograph of me as a 12 year old on a skateboard in Queens. This SuperMe character is significant since at that at that time I had been through a very large trauma and found a way to get through..skateboarding and basketball helped. 

Through art making I have evolved this symbol of strength into a symbol of empowerment in my art that I have applied to situations I have gone through in recent times. I created this SuperMe to empower myself as an adult into a character that sends a messages of strength, love, and hope to the streets. 

©jkosart 2020