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I’m a mixed media artist based in New York City  and have been creating art for all of my life.  My recent work draws from personal experiences in response to a year of challenging world events. The newspaper surfaces I use for my paste ups provide a concurrent stream of consciousness through their headlines that are either at odds or in agreement with the message of the overlying artwork.  Each
piece has my hand in it via painting, drawing or silkscreening, and features a recurring, autobiographical character of a “SuperMe “ which is a self-portrait of me at 12 years old when I had recently experienced trauma.  This self-portrait has evolved into a symbol of empowerment, giving me strength and lifting me through tough times. My art practice gives me the opportunity to express and deliver the
hope, love, and healing that I put into my work. This has proved to be more important than ever as we travel through 2020.

The current works are a combination of silkscreen, acrylic, ink and spray paint created on newsprint from NYC papers.  Some are in public places, and some are available for purchase.(please note that some works may change color over time due to the nature of newspaper).



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